Brian Ng — product manager

Idea to App Store (fishing app)

UX, Startup, Engineering

The Brief:

Design a digital fishing log to help fisherman catch more fish.

For20 Echo RoleUX Designer and Front End Developer
DateApril 2017

A local entrepreneur engaged Revelry to build out the “Instagram for Fishing”. A competitive deep sea fisherman himself, Daniel saw the value in tracking the details of your catches in an old school fishing log, so that you get a better feel of the environmental conditions that led to a catch. He wanted to bring that wisdom to the masses.

We started off by defining our guiding principles: reliable, accurate, familiar, educational, fun, and beautiful. We dove straight into researching how fishing and non-fishing apps visualize complex data on limited real estate and also dug into the existing APIs where we could pull weather and other environmental data from.

We built this app true to Lean Startup and quickly mapped out our core loop. The MVP centered on a photo for two reasons: to build on an existing behavior of fisherman taking a picture with their catch and in doing so, allowing us to pull off the location data from the photo and hit the weather and environmental endpoints.

At this point, we knew the biggest chunk of work was going to be building out the API to hit all the different weather, buoy, and related environmental endpoints based on a photo’s location data. To keep us moving forward, I threw together an InVision prototype so the client could get a feel of the core loop and get bought in.

Since we decided to build this in React Native, we were able to easily launch the app in the App Store and in Google Play.

Building off the same API, we were able to easily extend the initial MVP (mobile app only) to a web app experience. On web, users were given more fine tuned controls to analyze their catches.

20 Echo makes knowing why you caught fish incredible easy. Easy to read echoes provide every available condition associated with your picture’s time and location.