Brian Ng — product manager

The Brief:

Design an Apple Watch app that will further Citi’s goal of being the world’s leading digital bank.

ForCitibank RoleUX Designer
DateJan 2015

Citibank customers are able to discreetly check their bank balances on the watch’s Glance view.

The IBM team started this project with client workshops, defining the persona we would design the app for.

Early storyboard concept sketches explore how the app can solve a banking pain point and seamlessly integrate into a customer’s daily life.

More whiteboarding sessions after getting more details of the WatchKit SDK.

After some guerrilla user testing, we created a findings report that supported the features we would eventually develop. Displayed here is one of the ideas we tested with our focus group.

Our work was featured as the first and only banking app on the Apple Watch promotional site.